Due to the different needs and preferences, our mats are available in four different thicknesses: 2mm, 3.5mm, 4.5mm, and 6mm. Need a visual? The image below should help.

Scoria World Mat Thickness Differences

2mm - Travel

Our "travel" mat is super thin and light, it is meant for far away travel as there is not much cushion. Ideally it is for those who want to take their yoga mat to new adventures by traveling and don't want to carry the extra weight. 

3.5mm - Commute

We call this thickness "commute", it is a standard thickness and slightly supportive. It is one of our thinner main standard cushions. This mat is perfect if you don’t want a very heavy weight and a lot of padding.

4.5mm - Standard Thick

Our most popular standard size. It provides a nice cushioning and great support and can provide a comfortable surface on the bones and joints. It is a perfect balance of cushioning without allowing the wrists to overextend/sink into the cushion.

6mm - Extra Thick

Thicker than average; it is highly cushioning. Perfect for those with bone or joint pain and are truly uncomfortable unless they have a lot of cushioning. Please be aware this mat can get pretty heavy, however all our mats include a carry strap.


Named after its size, our “Biggest” cork mat or what we also call our “X-Large” mat, is our biggest mat yet. Compared to the standard mat, it is 4” wider, 8” longer and also comes with extra-thick cushioning. In short, it combines the length of our X-Tall mat, the width of the X-Wide mat and the thickness of our X-Thick 6mm yoga mats. This size is only available in our Essential Collection. Find it here.