A SCORIA MAT in comparison to average pvc, saves:

✓ 3,600 glasses of water  ✓ gas emissions of about 39 miles of driving ✓ 23kg of petro-chemicals

Say goodbye to leaching chemicals.

natural materials - anti microbial cork surface - sweat loving ultra grip - sustainably harvested cork
Supporting Life-skills education for Indigenous Youth

social impact

your purchase supports life-skills education for Indigenous youth

Our goal at Scoria is to make an impact with every purchase. Since the past four years, we have donated more than 150,000 nutritious meals to those in need thanks to our customers! Today, we are excited to announce that we have shifted our impact to support life-skills & healthy living for Indigenous youth in Canada all while using play-based education tools in partnership with Right To Play.



Our mats are rolled up in a recycled box without the use of plastics and comes with a strap. Our only item right now with plastic packaging is the yoga wheel's box as it can be easily scratched and we are currently looking for alternatives.

Stay weird & be kind

{ Message from the founder } ~ With Scoria, I aim to build a culture of playfulness, joyfulness & imagination as if we were children again. As a designer, artist & yoga teacher, I believe that reconnecting with our inner-child through the fun, the earthy, the messy, the creative, the imperfect and playful can still be achieved in sustainable and giving ways

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