A SCORIA MAT in comparison to average pvc, saves:

✓ 3,600 glasses of water  ✓ gas emissions of about 39 miles of driving ✓ 23kg of petro-chemicals

Say goodbye to leaching chemicals.

social impact

1 mat purchased = 10 meals donated

Thanks to our customers, we donated more than 116,000 meals to date. By providing nutritious meals to families, children can attain healthy energy levels to play, learn & stay creative.  (Photo: FCE)



Our mats are rolled up in a recycled box without the use of plastics and comes with a strap. Our only item right now with plastic packaging is the yoga wheel's box as it can be easily scratched and we are currently looking for alternatives.

Stay weird & be kind

{ Message from the founder } ~ With Scoria, I aim to build a culture of playfulness, joyfulness & imagination as if we were children again. As a designer, artist & yoga teacher, I believe that reconnecting with our inner-child through the fun, the earthy, the messy, the creative, the imperfect and playful can still be achieved in sustainable and giving ways

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