Scoria's Brand Video + #BTS with Director Madeline Rozwat

We are excited to be releasing Scoria's commercial, #sparkthechildwithin! A work of art representing the feeling of using Scoria in your life. Play is a state of pure flow. Our aim at Scoria has always been to encourage and allow every user of our yoga mats and props to experience play and free expression without judgement. With Scoria, it is your safe space to be who you are.

With a special thanks to talented director Madeline Rozwat, we introduce to you Scoria's #sparkthechildwithin brand video:


So, who's behind this brand video's story telling and direction?

Meet the Director: Madeline Rozwat

Hailing from San Francisco, California, Madeline is a freelance director/writer/editor who enjoys telling female-driven stories. As a commercial director, her speciality is selling athletic products to women. She ran four years of D1 varsity cross-country through college, and distance running (and athletics, at large) remains a huge part of her life. Her filmmaking sensibilities have been influenced by films like A League of Their Own, Million Dollar Baby, and I, Tonya. She seeks to empower women in athletics, and would love to spend her career directing female-driven sports films and television.

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Distance running in beautiful places

Favourite video commercial:
Kenzo World (view here)

Role Model:
Spike Jonze

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Just Shoot It podcast

Can you tell us about how you started & what inspired you to become a director?

I have been editing commercials for the last few years, but I pivoted into directing in 2018. I was inspired to make the change because I love visual storytelling, and I enjoy collaborating with amazing actors and cinematographers. I also studied film/TV directing as a graduate student at USC, and directing is where my heart truly lies.

Tell us about your creative process behind Scoria’s new commercial.
The first step was coming up with a concept that aligned with Scoria’s brand culture. Scoria celebrates reconnecting with lost creativity, playfulness, and imagination. Scoria also celebrates women of all ages, ethnicities, and looks. So I thought to myself… What better way to showcase Scoria’s culture of self-love and play than through free flow dance?

I decided to cast women of various ages and ethnicities, and I took to Instagram to find an array of dancing talent. Once these ladies were signed on, I collaborated with each of them to choreograph. We tailored each woman’s choreography to her specific skillset. I next selected a series of locations where each woman would perform her number. And once that was in place, my cinematographer and I met to discuss how to visually capture the piece. We discussed how to best showcase the ladies’ dance movements, locations, visual structure, and lighting. Once filming began, it became about executing everything we’d discussed pre-production, while also being open to changes. And most importantly, we wanted to have fun! 

What was your favourite part in directing this commercial?
It was working with the talent. These women are amazing, unique, and very talented dancers. It was so much fun tailoring the dance numbers to their various skillsets and seeing their movements come to life through the lens.

Dancer jumping in front of camera
backbending dancer in the air

What was your favourite moment that happened on set?
We witnessed a real life Bay Watch moment while filming on our last day. We were in the middle of a take when a lifeguard took off into the very choppy water. A teenage boy had gotten caught in the currents and was drowning over by the rocks. It took about twenty minutes to complete the rescue, but our lifeguard got a nice round of applause when he and the boy returned safely to shore.

man going in the water

What advice would you give to someone who wants to become a film director?
Being a film director means constantly balancing tenacity and patience. Tenacity is essential because directors must constantly be pitching ideas, filming content, coming up with future concepts, collaborating, applying for workshops, mentorships, grants, etc. However, this is an industry filled with rejection, a lack of trust until one proves his(her) abilities, and financial constraint. So while one must keep creating opportunities, understand that it will take a great deal of time and patience before achieving your goals… whatever they may be! 

Director and dancer talking
Little girl in her room behind the scenes

The cast

Tell us about the cast and why you picked them to represent Scoria’s brand culture?

Each of these women represents the Scoria brand culture in her own unique way. I feel honoured I had the opportunity to work with each of them.

1. Cami Arboles is an actress, singer, dancer, and aerialist, and she recently graduated from Yale University. At Yale she sang with Shades of Yale, a co-educational a cappella group dedicated to singing music of the African Diaspora and African-American tradition. She also teaches yoga and is one of the most positive, upbeat people you will ever meet.

2. Michy Foster dances professionally in commercials, award shows, and television shows. She has performed alongside Meghan Trainor and Charlie Puth, and also recently danced in the season finale of HBO’s Euphoria. She is also skilled in fight choreography, parkour, high falls, and car hits. Furthermore, Michy is the founder of the organization, Foster The Millions (#FTM). FTM is an organization devoted to beautifying neighbourhoods and educating youth through arts, finance, and social science. She refers to Foster The Millions as “her baby”. 

3. Arlene Karno is a life-long dancer trained in tap, ballet, and jazz. As a young girl and teenager, she danced in the chorus for Disneyland. As an adult, she has performed in countless rock videos and TV series such as Curb Your Enthusiasm and Full House. Arlene truly loves the process of play and experimenting with dance, and she is up to try nearly anything. She also teaches stretch to seniors, and it shows because she can touch the top of her head to her knees!

4. Devyn LaBella is a trainer, fitness model, action actress, stunt woman, and contortionist. She has been a gymnast since she was three years old, and went on to become a California State Champion in both Gymnastics and Track and Field. She even went to the Junior Olympics in Track and Field! In addition to acting, Devyn likes to stay active with aerial silks, HIIT training, gymnastics, and yoga. Some of her recent credits include 9-1-1, SWAT, and a national commercial for Mercury. She is a vegan athlete and an active volunteer for animal rescues. Devyn is a joy to work with onset, and given her uncanny resemblance to a Ninja, it’s no wonder she’s been dubbed “The real life Wonder Woman.”

5. Zoey McCrary just turned five years old and loves dancing, singing, and playing basketball. Her mom, Tammy Brawner (also featured in the commercial) was the tenth woman to play for the Harlem Globetrotters, while her father, Darius McCrary is best known for his role as Edward “Eddie” Winslow in the TV sitcom Family Matters. Zoey is one of the smiliest, spunkiest, most ridiculously cute kids you’ll meet, and her zest for life comes through in her dancing. 

picture of director and gymnast selfie, smiling

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We hope you enjoyed learning about the humans behind this video!

With love,
The Scoria Team