5 Happy Eco News

Thinking about all the negative things about climate change can be scary and leave you feeling hopeless. We tend to hear more about negative news rather than positive ones.

Below are 5 positive changes that are happening around the world with the environment in mind. Share this with a friend who could use a boost 🌳💚


5 Happy Eco News - Hawaii begins implementing environmentally sustainable tourism

Hawaii begins implementing environmentally sustainable tourism

Many hotels and resorts located in the popular tourist destination state have begun implementing eco-friendly techniques such as recycling centers on every island and the use of local produce in almost every restaurant. In addition, Stakeholders across Hawaii have formed together to create the Aloha+ Challenge - committing to upholding the principles of United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.


    The Union Pacific purchased 20 battery-powered locomotives for their trains

    One of the most major railroads, Union Pacific, has purchased 20 battery-powered locomotives which are set to arrive in 2023. A locomotive is the rail transportation vehicle on the train that provides power. These trains will then be tested in California and Nebraska in both warm and cold temperatures with the goal of being used for long-haul travel. This is the largest investment made so far in battery-electric technology by a major railroad company.


    The first all electric passenger airplane prepares to take flight

    The Alice, developed by Eviation, has a battery technology that’s similar to an electric car or a cell phone. The 9 passenger plane can charge within 30 minutes and fly a duration of an hour. Eviation hopes in no more than 10 years, electric planes fitting up to 40 people, will become a reality.


    5 Happy Eco News - Denmark is building an “energy island”

    Denmark is building an “energy island”

    Off Denmark's western coast will be home to the world's first energy island come 2030! The green electricity will be created through a vast amount of wind turbines on an artificial landmass and then transmitted back to the mainland. It is said this will create enough electricity to power 3 million homes and even have the opportunity to export surplus amounts to neighboring countries.


    5 Happy Eco News - Illuminated fishing nets could save endangered marine life

    Illuminated fishing nets could save endangered marine life

    In a recent study, researchers found that when using glowing green LED fishing nets, bycatch (incidental capture of species when another species is being targeted) was down 63% with a 95% reduction specifically in sharks and stingrays caught. Although, there was no significant decrease in the amount of targeted fish. Since most bycatch is thrown back into the water, it unfortunately leads a lot of species towards extinction - illuminated nets may help solve this problem. Scientists are also currently experimenting with solar-powered lights to make the nets more cost effective.